......  is a debilitating condition that can make the most simple task IMPOSSIBLE.

If you have ever experienced an anxiety episode you will know just what this is.

Tightness in your chest, sweaty palms, difficulty breathing...are you having a heart attack or is it an anxiety episode?

It can trap you and make you feel scared of situations you used to be so confident in making you become isolated and cut off from the rest of your world. 

It can be caused by a range of things such as trauma, bullying, loss of confidence, may be you are a survivor of violence.

Anxiety can be a normal reaction to life’s uncertainties and in many situations can be a positive experience. 

Anxiety is positive when you described it as butterflies in your stomach. We often associate these with a surprise or positive experience that can also be known as anticipation.

It’s when anxiety reaches extreme levels and impacts on your ability to carry out everyday tasks that it becomes unhealthy. This is where Cross Roads Counselling can help.

Robyn from Cross Roads Counselling understands the impact of Anxiety and can assist both sufferers and loved ones in developing tools to manage this debilitating condition and return it back to healthy levels.





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