Relationships - time to renovate!


We all recognise relationships take a bit of work. I believe it can be useful to consider our relationships are like our homes.

To start with we have lots of energy & passion however as we get comfortable in them we can begin to neglect them & their needs. This is where a " Renovation" is often required to keep our relationships fresh & meet our ever changing needs to remain interesting to us.


Many couples come along to sessions as a last resort. It is challenging to work with couples when their relationship is a lot lilke this ..........


You've got to admit, this is one tough reno.


In order for relationship counselling to work it takes a few key fcators .....


* Both of you need to be committed to indentifying the issues in an honest and respectful     manner.


* Both of you need to be committed to participating in sessions.


* Both of you need to be committed to the development of strategies to work on in          between sessions. 


* Participants need to be open to feeling uncomfortable in these sessions. Often we can    feel vulnerable, I will do my best to ensure a safe and supportive environment is achieved.


* Participants will need to be adaptable and flexible - this is essential to any personal developement enviornemnt.


It is important for you both to be committed to these points in order for sessions to be of value. Renovating relationships is hard work and we often get to this because we have stopped listening to our partner and have fused with the perceptions and assumptions in our minds. We harbour anger & resentment which fuels the assumptions further and on it goes. The next thing you know, your relationships is not able to be saved.


I reccognise not everyone will identify with the value in this approach however in order to gain maximum value from your investment of attending sessions, these key points are central to your sucess.



This is NOW!


Sessions can often consist of a combination of joint & individual sessions. How this comes about, is agreed upon by both of you. 




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