Support for Carers


Let's face it. Being a carer for a loved one is a really REALLY tough gig.


In our caring roles we can become totaly consumed by the tasks, emotions and resposibilities or our love one and their chronic illness or disability. We give up willingly our free time, jobs and in many cases our own identity to make life just that bit easier for our loved one.




Our loved ones often experience a personaility adjustment throuugh their expereince as do we. Accoridng to the victorian Cancer Council the emotions we feel are the same as our loved one who has the illness or disability. Let's explore some of these:


Anger - Why us? If they hadn't have smoked or kept eating ........ when the doctor told them to cut down.

Frustration - How is this so difficult? Do you understand the needs of a country patient? Why can't you just.....? What do you mean I can't have an earlier appointment than 4pm in Melbourne?

Fear - What does this mean? What happens next? How will that work? Will they live and for how long? The UNKNOWN!

Exaustion - We tend to run our selves a bit raggered! Caring, trips to medical appointments often in Melbourne, work, home, life. It just never stops!

Loss - For the life we once had, the things we used to enjoy.

Isolation - Suddenly doing so much on your own. Firends offer help but you often don't know what you need until you need it there and then! No time to spend friends and if did they don't understand. Maybe you feel you have lost your identity.

Grief - That process that combines all of the above.


This is by means not an exhaustive list. You kow that you can expereince many of these at the same time and that your situation can change from one hour to the next. I know from caring for my late Dad after his stroke in 2009 and now my husband who was diagnosed in June of 2015 with stage 3 Cancer the roller coaster that is caring.


We are all different...... 


It is imprtant to acknowledge that each of our situations and circumstance are different. We all have different strengths, supports, stratagies and the list goes on to help or hinder us in our life.


How can Crossroads Counselling help?


Crossroads Counselling would like to offer you up to 11 FREE drebriefing session a year so nearly 1 FREE session a month to get as much of that stuff off your chest as you want in a safe and confidential environment.


Some time just for you to take a break, have a cuppa and talk about what ever you want. You may decide not to talk at all - that's OK too, we can put on some relaxing music and just sit there listening and relaxing.


So how do you take advantage of this support? It's really REALLY easy call 0490 066 204 or just click here, add your contact details and I will get back to you to book a time and location that suits you.


There is No GP referral required and because I off an outreach service, this means you can generally access support in or close to your own commuity.

You don't even need to be registered with Centrelink.

Age is no barrier - young carers can also access this support.


Go on, what are you waiting for? Phone 0490 066 204 today.

You know the saying..... How can you care for someone if you are not caring for yourself?