Support for Carers

Let’s face it. Being a carer for a loved one is a really REALLY tough gig. We sometimes find it is difficltu to talk to friends and family members as they may not understand how difficult the caring role can be. At worst family and relationships can become fractured or lost.

In our caring roles we can become totally consumed by the tasks, emotions and resposibilities of our loved ones and their illness or disability.

We give up willingly our time, jobs and in many cases our own identity to make life just that bit easier for our loved one.

As a carer myself I understand, our loved ones often experience a personaility adjustment through their expereince and so can we. It is not always easy to hold it together!

How can Crossroads Counselling help?

Crossroads Counselling is a contract provider for 2 Carer support agencies. Between them they can offer up to 11 free debriefing sessions. I dislike using the term counselling, because often that is not what we as carers need.

You do not have to be in crisis.

Some times, just for you to take a break, have a cuppa and talk about what ever you want, can be helpful. You may decide not to talk at all – that’s OK too, we can put on some relaxing music and just sit there listening and relaxing.

So how do you take advantage of this support?

It’s really REALLY easy…

Phone: 0490 066 204

or just click here, add your contact details and I will get back to you to book a time and location that suits you. Sessions are available in Bairnsdale, Sale and Traragon

There is No GP referral required and because I offer an outreach service, this means you can generally access support in or close to your own commuity.

You don’t even need to be registered with Centrelink or provide diagnosis information.

Age is no barrier, young carers can also access this support.

Go on, what are you waiting for? You know you will feel much better having gotten all that STUFF of your chest and anyway….. all you have gain is more energy, a feeling of freedom or a quiet place to have a restful cuppa.

So you can get back to your very important role of Caring for your loved one, just the way you would like.