What Others Say

Please take some time to read the experiences of others, who have been most generous in sharing. I thank them all for their generosity.

Robyn was introduced to our family during one our most challenging periods. She is a passionate advocate and left no stone unturned. Robyn went over and above her duty in getting us the right support and guidance. Robyn is highly qualified and widely experienced and I have no hesitation in recommending her skills. I have already referred persons to her and will continue to do so as I know she will do whatever she can to ‘walk the walk’ with you in whatever way you have need.


To whom may be reading this,

I went and saw Robyn @ Cross Roads Counselling as I was at my wits end about my life, literally! I had just moved different states, knew no-one except for my new boyfriend, had no success in finding a job and really just didn’t want to live anymore. My boyfriend and I weren’t getting on either so I really needed to talk to someone and let out all my emotions, feelings and basically have a big cry to someone that wouldn’t judge me.

Well after one session I felt the world was lifted off my shoulders and I could look forward to the future. I was given some great ideas on how to cope whenever I felt down again, was given some really relaxing music that I could put on anytime I felt like I needed some me time out and felt like someone out there actually cared how I felt.

I am now proof of that counselling session with Robyn. I have a job, my man and I are doing well and overall I am that happy person i used to be again.

I recommend to anyone reading this, that if you’re feeling down, don’t know where or who to turn to (even for a good cry) call Crossroads, it’ll do you the world of good.

Kind Regards, Kirsten *:)

I have recently used Cross Road Counselling for mediation. I found Robyn to be very professional in all dealings. Robyn was very respectful towards both myself and the other party involved. Our conflict was resolved quickly and in terms we both happily agreed on. I would not hesitate to use Cross Roads Counselling again.


Robyn, a lady who understands a mothers love and loss of a child.

A compassionate and caring lady in times of grief and stress.

A dependable lady to listen and advise.

A lady I would like to call my friend.



Hi Robyn,

…a little poem by Leunig to gladden your heart for the day – or perhaps for longer.

The person I care for, hereafter referred to as K had undergone a cluster of life crises in a relatively short space of time, resulting in depression, anxiety and almost complete withdrawal from familial, social and communal interactions. The combination of these states with additional nuances coalesced, manifesting as degraded memory and cognitive function. Having known K for roughly forty years I knew that resilience and self-assertion were not strong points and that withdrawal from unpleasant or confrontational situations was their chosen defence strategy.

As a carer I consulted Robyn who related a range of knowledge based skills which when aligned with intrinsic empathic wisdom and experience within the ‘caring’ sector provided the counselling persona I felt K required. In discussion with Robyn I discerned that she possessed a tenacity which combined with patience would be a key factor in building a working relationship with K which could withstand their tendency to withdraw to a standard ‘I don’t remember’, ‘I don’t know’ or to just walk away. These initial impressions led me to ask Robyn if I could engage with her as a carer and if she would take K as a client.

K has been attending counselling with Robyn for approximately four months and is re-discovering some joy in life and the ability to laugh. K has learnt that they have the ability to ‘ground’ themselves allaying anxiety/confusion/frustration, allowing them to re-assess from a different cognitive/emotional perspective with more positive outcomes and the experience of some self-empowerment in their life.

K will recount or follow through with suggestions discussed with Robyn, something they have been unable to do with previous counsellors or clinical practitioners. A tentative re-engagement with life has had positive impacts on K’s memory to the extent that they are able to recall and relate external social interactions and content which previously would have been avoided. Key to the improvement in K’s quality of life are the benchmarks Robyn employs which challenge K’s self-imposed dissociative defence strategies while providing a safe environment to listen, comprehend and respond. This process has equally beneficial outcomes in thoughtful communication between K and myself.


I learned a lot of strategies to deal with family issues. I am extremely grateful.


I found the service I received to be excellent. Robyn listens with empathy and understanding, the strategies were practicle and intuitive. I always left sessions feeling stronger and more able to cope. I would reccommend this service to anyone who needs to sort through problems that may at the time appear overwhelming.


Robyn has been a true instrument for my healing and restoration in my confidence and peace of mind. I valued the time she made availble to come to my community and take the time to understand my psychological challenges. I recommend Robyn truly and gratefully.


This service was very accessible and timely. I felt at ease and comfortable to talk. Strategies were useful and I was given lots of options to consider.


I found it easy to make an initial appointment and the reminder messages were also really handy. Robyn’s room is very comfortable and welcoming. I felt safe. She always returned my call in a timely manner and I would not hesitate to reccoment this service to anyone else who needed some assistance.


I found that learning coping strategies for my problems really helped me. I became stronger within myself too. Robyn I found you very easy to talk to and I am grateful for my sessions as I had seen counsellors before which were not as helpful.


I found Robyn made me feel at ease. I have used the strategies we developed and this has been succesful in dealing with my issues.


My son always loved comming along to Play Therapy and actually looked forward to sessions. I would recommend your service and have done to any families in need of counselling support.


I would like to say it was a relief to see Robyn, where I could just talk with no judgement. I also think having a counsellor who has gone through cancer treatment as a carer is much better. You definetly helped me settle and look at other options I may have thought of as I was driven by fear. Thanks for helping me feel not so alone.

Love Julie

Robyn, I really felt your unique approach allowed me and my partner get to the right enviornment to start a conversation we needed to have.

Many Thanks, Chris

My daughter saw Robyn due to school related stress and self image. I have had such as good experiemce and outcome I have recommended your service to others.

Thanks, Sue

I was more than pleased with every aspect of my sessions. Strategies sugested were very helpful. Talking to and such a professional approach enabled me to move from the emotional state to the practical and discover and put in place coping straegies for my situation.


I was referred to Robyn through EAP. I really got a lot out of the sessions and felt she was professional at all times which I appreiciated.

Thanks, Jeanette

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